Model 30M

8-Pin Header (C)

8-Pin Header (C)

30 mm Diameter, 2 X 180° 25.4 mm PCD

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  • Large air gap and tolerance to misalignment
  • Up to 1024 PPR
  • Optional 2 to 32 pole commutation
  • Temperature range -40° to 120° C
  • Easy alignment and installation
  • Sealing options to IP69K
Product Description

The Model 30M is a compact, incremental encoder module with advanced magnetic sensing and signal processing technology. Featuring resolutions up to 1024 PPR, commutation channels, several output types and two supply voltage options, it can be configured for a wide range of industrial, commercial and consumer feedback applications. With a non-contact magnetic sensor and optional sealing up to IP69K, the Model 30M can be applied in environments where dirt, dust and liquids are present.