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Our parent company EPC offers a number of videos specific to the encoder industry. Scroll down and click on the headers below to see: product spotlight videos, with product demonstrations; videos of visits to customer sites, where you can see EPC/BEPC encoders in action; how-to videos that explain how to use BEPC's products; and videos that tell you more about us and our parent company EPC.  
If you are new to encoders, watch this quick overview to understand what encoders are, what they do,  and how they work in industry:



Product Spotlight

NEW EtherCAT-Ready Absolute Encoders

The Model A58SE (shaft) and Model A58HE (hollow bore) are EtherCAT-ready absolute encoders designed for harsh factory and plant environments.




Video Model 58TP unboxing

Absolute Encoders

Learn how absolute encoders differ from incremental encoders in recording motion feedback. 




Video Model 58TP unboxing

The Programmable Thru-Bore Model 58TP

The Model 58TP Accu-CoderPro™ is a programmable thru-bore encoder  specifically designed for the challenges of an industrial environment. The Model 58TP can be programmed  with any PPR from  1 to 65,536, 32 different waveforms, and 6 different output types.




The Model 30MT

The all new Model 30MT is a compact magnetic encoder module designed to work in even the harshest conditions. With a threaded housing for easy installation, the Model 30MT is a versatile, compact solution for many applications.




Model 25SP the Size 25 Programmable Shaft Encoder

The Programmable Size 25 Shaft Encoder

The Model 25SP Accu-CoderPro™ is the Size 25 incremental shaft encoder that goes anywhere. The Model 25SP can be programmed  with any PPR from  1 to 65,536, 32 different waveforms, and 6 different output types.




Model 30M Magnetic Incremental Encoder Module

The compact, rugged, cost-effective Model 30M is your magnetic encoder module solution. (See also, "Model 30M - Installation" under Encoder How-To, below.




Model 25T Thru-Bore Rotary Encoder

The Model 25T features the largest thru-bore available in a 63.5mm (2.5”) encoder, mounting directly on shafts as large as 1.125" (28 mm). If you need a size 50.8mm to 88.9mm encoder, you'll want this next generation of high performance encoders




Model 25T Direct Motor Replacement

Consolidate inventory and reduce costs with the Model 25T Direct Motor Replacement encoders for AC Induction and Vector Duty motor feedback.




Model TR1 Measuring Wheel Encoder Solution

The Model TR1 Tru-Trac™ from British Encoder Products Company is the perfect solution to challenging measuring wheel installations for linear measurement applications.




Model TR2 and Linear Cable Encoder

Encoder Products Company Model TR2 Tru-Trac™ and LCE (Linear Cable Encoder) are convenient and effective linear measurement solutions based on rotary incremental encoders.




Model TR3 Heavy Duty Measuring Wheel Solution

If you have a troublesome measuring wheel installation for linear measurement that requires a robust, heavy duty encoder, the Model TR3 Tru-Trac™ from British Encoder Products Company is the perfect solution.  




Introducing the Model 30M

Get an overview of BEPC's new Model 30M, the robust, versatile magnetic incremental encoder module that gets the job done. 






Encoders on the Job

Inline Labeling

In this episode of Encoders on the Job, we visit Inline Labeling in North Charleston, SC, to see BEPC/EPC's compact, high-performance Model 15T in action as a key component in a precision servo label application system.




Encoders on the Job at Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Sandpoint, Idaho

Just up the road from our corporate headquarters is Schweitzer Mountain Resort, a world-class ski resort that uses BEPC/EPC Accu-Coder™ encoders to keep their lifts going!




encoder encoders rotary incremental robotics motion control sensors

Keck Observatory, Hawaii

In this episode of Encoders on the Job, we visit the Keck Observatory on the Big Island of Hawaii. You can see how  BEPC/EPC's Model 15T encoders help operate the observatory's mirrors.




Duff Norton

In this episode of Encoders on the Job, we visit Duff Norton in Charlotte, NC, to see BEPC/EPC's model 15T in action on lifting jacks used for rail car maintenance.




Vaagen Brothers Mill

In this episode of Encoders On The Job, we visit Vaagen Bros Mill in Colville, Washington, to see BEPC/EPC's Model 25T in action on a P&H Portal Crane.





Encoder How-To

VIDEO installation of Model 58TP

Model 58TP - Installation

The Model 58TP Accu-CoderProcomes in thru-bore or hollow bore, and offers several flexible mounting options. 




30MT simple installation

Model 30MT - Installation

With its threaded housing, installation on the 30MT Magnetic Encoder Module is quick and easy.




installation of Model 30M

Model 30M - Installation

Learn how quick and easy installation is for the Model 30M Magnetic Encoder Module.




Model 121 Auto-Aligning Modular Encoder Installation

A demonstration of the quick and easy installation of the Model 121 Modular Encoder. All metal, high performance design for reliable operation over a wide range of parameters.





Learn More About EPC

BEPC/EPC Puts Customer Service First

We put customer service first -- and it shows. When you call BEPC/EPC,  you talk to real engineers and encoder experts for your toughest encoder questions.




BEPC/EPC Gets You Your Encoder FAST

located in the United States and the United Kingdom, BEPC/EPC has some of the fastest lead times around, including expedite options. Plus, our trained technical experts can help replace difficult to find or discontinued encoders from other suppliers. 




 BEPC/EPC Offers Unmatched Quality

It's not uncommon to get a call from a customer looking to replace an encoder. Sometimes, that encoder is one of ours, and it's decades old. We're so confident in our products, we offer an industry-best 3 year warranty.




EPC and Our Vertical Integration

At our 100,000 square foot, vertically integrated facility in Sagle, Idaho, we can closely monitor all aspects of our manufacturing.




KXLY: Made in the Northwest

KXLY-TV News crew visits Encoder Products Company for a look at how rotary encoders are made.