Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletins & Manuals

The 100 series of bulletins describe EPC's technology and provide general technical information.
The 500 series offer product specific installation and assembly information.

   BEPC Field Programming Software User Guide  for use with BEPC's Programmable Encoders
  CANopen Interface Technical Reference Manual  for BEPC's MA / SA Series Absolute Encoders
  EtherCAT Interface Technical Reference Manual  for BEPC's EtherCAT-Ready Encoders

  PROFINET Interface Technical Reference Manual  - for BEPC's PROFINET-Ready Encoders 


  TB-101  BEPC Part Number Description
  TB-102  Index/Marker Gating Options
  TB-104  Noise Effects on Encoder Signals
  TB-105  Noise Suppression Using Differential Signals
  TB-106  Sealing Options for British Encoder Products
  TB-107  Effect of Mechanical Jitter on Encoders
  TB-108  Using Encoders with Measuring Wheels
  TB-109  Specifying Output Types
  TB-110  Converting between single-ended and Differential
  TB-111  M12 (12 mm) Connector Option
  TB-115  Accuracy of Encoders
  TB-116  Noise & Signal Distortion Considerations
  TB-118  A Comparison of Size 25 Encoders
  TB-119  Is a Modular Encoder Right for Your Application?
  TB-120  Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes And Conversions
  TB-121  Guidelines for Shaft and Bore Tolerances


  TB-501  775 Locking Collar Mounting Instructions
  TB-502  775/776 Clamp Shaft Mounting Instructions 
  TB-506  260 Mounting Instructions
  TB-507  755 Flex Mounting Instructions
  TB-510  770 Mounting Instructions
  TB-511  Model 121 Installation Instructions
  TB-513  RXTX - Single Ended Encoder Driving Long Distances
  TB-514  RXTX - Differential Encoder to Single Ended Device
  TB-515  RXTX - Single Ended Encoder to Differential Receiver
  TB-516  RXTX Repeater - Differential Encoder to Differential Receiver
  TB-517  LCA Installation/Removal Instructions
  TB-518  TR1 - Tru-Trac™ Installation & Removal
  TB-519  Model 121 Dust Seal Insertion Procedure
  TB-521  Size 38.1mm Mounting Instructions (Models 15 T/H, 755HS)
  TB-525  Magnetic Coupling Installation and Removal Instructions
  TB-526  TR3 - Heavy Duty Tru-Trac™ Installation Instructions
  TB-527  High Temperature Encoder Performance
  TB-528  Pivot Bracket Installation
  TB-529  Understanding BEPC's SSI Encoders
  TB-530  A36HB & A36SB Installation Information
  TB-532  Applying SPEC779 When Replacing Certain RENCO Encoders
  TB-533  Installation of 90° Connector When Rotation Is Necessary
  TB-534  Model 30M Installation with a Motor Adapter​
  TB-535   Model 30M Using the Installation Centering & Gapping Tool
  TB-536  Wiring Installation Guide for the Model 30M​
  TB-537  Quick Start Instructions for Programmable Accu-CoderPro™ Encoders
  TB-538  Installation of Model 30MT
  TB-539  A58HB Installation Guide​
  TB-540  Model 58TP and 58TF Installation Guide
  TB-541  Ethernet Absolute Installation Guide
  TB-542  Model A58E Series Quick Installation Guide
  TB-543  Pivot Bracket Installation
  TB-544  LCX Installation Guide