Installation & Troubleshooting

Installation & Troubleshooting

Please see the Documentation Section on individual Product Pages for product-specific guides for installation, assembly, and trouble-shooting. You can also visit our Technical Bulletin Documentation Library for more technical bulletins and guidance. 



Installation & Wiring Guide

This guide provides useful information regarding the mounting and mechanical installation of BEPC Encoder models, including recommended bolt torques, selected output circuit diagrams, and wiring tables. 




CANopen Interface Technical Reference Manual

This technical manual provided by our parent company describes the different possibilities of mounting and configuring the MA series encoders with CANopen interface.





Troubleshooting Guide

A reference guide containing corrective actions for common encoder issues.





Britsh Encoder Products E-Book

Our eBook is a great resource if you need to specifiy an encoder for your next project or just want keep your existing encoders running smoothly.