White Papers

White Papers

Our growing library of White Papers  contain detailed technical information about encoder related technology, suitable for a wide range of industrial automation professionals.

  WP-200X  Sealing Options for Encoders
  WP-2000  Selecting Digital Encoder Outputs
  WP-2001  A New Approach to Interpolated High Resolution Encoders‚Äč
  WP-2002  Applying Encoders
  WP-2003  Shaft Loading and Sealing vs. Bearing Life Expectancy
  WP-2004  Noise Effects on Signals
  WP-2005  Noise Suppression of Differential Signals
  WP-2006  Encoders in Inhospitable Environments
  WP-2007  Accuracy of Encoders
  WP-2008  Noise and Signal Distortion Considerations
  WP-2010  Gray Codes, Natural Binary Codes, and Conversions
  WP-2011  The Basics of How an Encoder Works
  WP-2013  What is an IP Rating and What Does it Mean?
  WP-2014  Seven Selection Criteria: Modular Rotary vs. Bearing Encoders
  WP-2015  When to Choose a Magnetic Encoder Module‚Äč

  WP-2019  Industrial Ethernet Communication Protocols