Repeater Converter Splitter

Repeater, Converter & Splitter

RX/TX Products were designed to provide solutions for customers who require encoder signals to be transmitted long distances, converted to a different output type, or duplicated for transmission to multiple receiving devices.



RX/TXD DIN Rail Mount

  • Various voltages available
  • Encoder tester/verifier
  • Enclosed housing
  • DIN rail mount
  • Long distance data transmission
  • Converting between common signal types
  • Turning one signal into two signals
  • Providing proper termination for signals

This lightweight DIN rail mountable unit, Line Driver and Line Receiver, comes in a stylish green PC/ABS self-extinguishing material blend. It is configurable as a level changer, line repeater, splitter or encoder tester. The RX/TXD will accept TTL, RS422, RS485, PP, NPN, NPN OC, or PNP encoder inputs at 5V, or HTL, PP, NPN, NPN OC & PNP at 5V-24V. It will provide up to 3 outputs in any combination of TTL, RS422, RS485, PP, NPN or PNP, at 5V, or, HTL, PP, NPN or PNP at 6-28V. A series of LEDs on the front panel indicates power and signal presence. Connections are made via the easily accessible screw terminals as standard. This device may be used as both a Line Driver and Line Receiver.


  TB-513  Single Ended Encoder Driving Long Distance 
  TB-514 Differential Encoder to Single Ended Device 
  TB-515  Single Ended Encoder to Differential Receiver 
  TB-516 Differential Encoder to Differential Receiver