Encoder Power Supplies

Encoder Power Supplies

A source of clean, dedicated power for your encoder is an important requirement for reliable motion control or motion feedback system. Power drops and surges can result in poor encoder performance and feedback errors.  BEPC’s compact, reliable DIN Rail mounted power supplies are well suited for encoders and easy to install and connect.



5 VDC Output (EPS-5V)
Stock #100043

12 VDC Output (EPS-12V)
Stock #100044

24 VDC Output (EPS-24V)
Stock #100045



Designed for space efficiency, these compact power supplies are available in 5, 12, or 24 VCC.  Easy to see LED indicators show the power supply is working properly.  Screw type terminals easily accommodate wires from AWG 24 to 14. The shock-proof housing is both UL and CE approved.  These units have been tested to work with all BEPC and EPC Encoders.