The Model 30M and Model 30MT now with more resolution options!

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Magnetic Encoder Modules - Now with More Options 

BEPC’s Model 30M and Model 30MT are compact, incremental encoder modules with advanced magnetic sensing and signal processing technology. The Model 30MT even has a built-in alignment feature:  the threaded housing allows for quick, accurate air-gap setting.

At just 30 mm, these encoders feature several output types and a wide range for supply voltage. Either model can be configured for a variety of industrial, commercial, and consumer feedback applications. The non-contact magnetic sensor and optional sealing up to IP69K allow the Model 30M and Model 30MT to be applied in environments where they will be exposed dirt, dust, and liquids.


New Options for Resolution and Commutation 

The Model 30M and Model 30MT now offer any resolution from 1 to 1024 PPR (4096 PPR with Quadrature Counting). With the 16-pin Molex connector on the Model 30M, users can choose any option from 1-pole to 16-pole commutation, making the Model 30M BEPC’s product with the most commutation options available.

“With these upgrades, the Model 30M and Model 30MT offer even more versatility and options for different electrical configurations,” explains Sarah Walter, an Electrical Engineer and Technical Sales Manager at our parent company EPC. “Customers have asked for more resolution options, and more commutation options, so we worked hard to make those improvements to these products.” 

 As always, both the Model 30M and Model 30MT are also offer:

  • Sealing options up to IP69K 
  • Operating temperature range of -40° to 120° C
  • Large air gap and tolerance to misalignment

The Model 30M or Model 30MT are excellent solutions when you need a magnetic encoder module. Watch the videos for product demonstrations, and to see how simple it is to install the Model 30M or Model 30MT. Read the white paper,  When to Choose a Magnetic Encoder Module for a better understanding of when an encoder such as the Model 30M or Model 30MT is the right fit for your application. 

If you still have questions about how a magnntic encoder module would work in your specific application, or anything else encoder-related, give us a call at +44(0)1978 262100. When you contact BEPC, you talk to real engineers and encoder experts who can answer your toughest encoder questions. Contact BEPC today to get the information you need. 

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