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Renewable energy is gaining more and more popularity, mainly because awareness of the harmful effects of fossil fuels on the environment is increasing.
Its use will make us no longer dependent on oil, gas, or coal deposits. Thanks to this, we will be able to relieve the environment and prevent faster climate change.
Apart from ecological factors, the development of renewable energy is also of economic importance. It allows increasing the country's energy security by becoming independent from energy supplies from other countries. Investments related to renewable energy also mean new jobs not only in innovative fields but also in standard industrial workplaces.

Watch the short video of how we are involved in some processes of renewable energy. 

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Encoders are indispensable wherever precise measurement and supervision of speed, the direction of travel, distance traveled, and position of mechanical elements or number of rotations performed is necessary. In any case, the encoder invariably affects the proper and efficient functioning of machines and systems. It is therefore a small investment in the great profits for enterprises.

BEPC encoders are increasingly becoming the basic elements of automation systems in industries as:

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