Accu-Coder® & Accu-CoderPro®





Our parent company, Encoder Products Company,  first introduced the Accu-Coder® brand of rotary encoders commercially in March of 1969, shortly after Bill Watt invented the original Cube encoder. Since its founding, EPC has grown from a small shop in Bill Watt's southern California garage into an international company with global headquarters in Sagle, Idaho. Today, EPC continues to develop and produce new encoders for motion control for a variety of ever-changing industries.

In 2014, EPC & BEPc expanded its Accu-Coder® brand of encoders to include our programmable incremental encoders with the trademark Accu-CoderPro®. Today, the Accu-Coder® and Accu-CoderPro® brands of rotary encoders are recognized for their reliability and longevity to withstand the challenges of industrial environments.

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