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The NEW Model A36R absolute encoder

Absolute thru-bore or blind hollow bore encoder  | ∅ 36 mm | 1.0" depth |  BiSS C or SSI communications

September 7, 2023




THE MODEL A36R ABSOLUTE ENCODER is designed for high performance in a compact mechanical package. Reflective technology guarantees accuracy and allows for absolute feedback in a thru-bore design. Available with BiSS C or SSI communication protocols, it is especially suited to applications where an encoder needs to retain position information after power-off scenarios. Read the official A36R press release here.


Model A36R features

The Model A36R absolute thru-bore encoder offers:

  • Up to 22 bit single turn / 24 bit multi-turn resolution
  • Thru-bore or blind hollow bore styles
  • BiSS C and SSI communications
  • 36 mm diameter housing, 25.4 mm (1.000" depth)
  • Operating temperature range of -40° C to 120° C
  • Optional battery/backup power interface for data retention in the absence of primary power

Comparison of BEPC's 36 mm / 1.5" encoders



Model A36R

Technology Reflective

Diameter 36 mm (1.42")

Depth 25.4 mm (1.0")

Form factor Thru-bore, blind hollow bore

Absolute or incremental Absolute

Communication protocols BiSS C, SSI

Model A36R Product Page


Model 15T/H

Technology Optical transmissive

Diameter 1.5" (38.1 mm)

Depth 1.0" (25.4 mm)

Form factor Thru-bore, blind hollow bore

Absolute or incremental Incremental

Communication protocols n/a

Model 15T/H Product Page


Model A36HB

Technology Magnetic

Diameter 36 mm (1.42")

Depth 51 mm (1.99")

Form factor Blind hollow bore

Absolute or incremental Absolute

Communication protocols SSI, CANopen

Model A36HB Product Page

The benefit of absolute positioning

“Our A36R thru-bore and hollow bore encoders feature high-accuracy and precision with rock solid reliability. The A36R also has the advantage of being available in both BiSS and SSI protocols,” explains Tyler Preston, EPC A36R Project Engineer. “These encoders also feature the ability to safely recover from power failures without data loss, while still maintaining a small package size and maintenance-free nature. The low latency open source BiSS C protocol continues to gain value in the marketplace. We are pleased to add BiSS C as an additional communication protocol to our current comprehensive encoder product line.”

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