When the machine is down.

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No product will serve us forever.   We frequently exchange items for newer models, mobile phones, computers, TV sets, or a car, but what about the machines that produce such things.   The machine's performance is largely influenced by the wear rate of individual components, and if they are worn or damaged could stop a production line and hinder a producers’ ability to meet its obligations.


So, when a famous household name of pet care products had a problem with a machine down and identifying a damaged encoder, they approached British Encoder Products.   With some careful analysis and nifty detective work we were able to soon establish the encoders electrical specification and communication protocol.   The customer then took advantage of our same day expedite build service and a replacement encoder was quickly manufactured and dispatched on an overnight service.

Speedily up and running again our customer was able to continue doing what they do best! yes 


If you have a problem identifying an encoder, or would you like to talk to us about our wide range of incremental or absolute products, please call our sales team on 01978 262100 or alternatively send us an email sales@encoder.co.uk 


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