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An absolute encoder is a device that provides a unique code for each increment of shaft rotation, meaning that an absolute encoder indicates both that the shaft position has changed, and the absolute position of the shaft. BEPC’s absolute encoders now offer a higher resolution of 16 bits for single turn resolution and 43 bits for multi-turn resolution, allowing these absolute encoders to measure with greater resolution, and allowing a longer run-time before reset.

Absolute encoders are ideal for safe operation of systems that always need exact location information to prevent damage to equipment or bodily injury. This is especially true in the event of a loss of power scenario. BEPC absolute encoders maintain position value without being powered, so if there is rotation during the power-loss, this movement is tracked and retained. Once power is restored, the encoder can transmit the location information immediately.

EPC Absolutes Offer SSI, CANopen, and now EtherCAT® Protocols

Absolute encoders are an excellent option when you need your encoder plugged into a network. EPC encoders have been available with SSI or CANopen protocols for years, and we've recently added absolute encoders with EtherCAT® capability. With models in both shaft and blind hollow bore, in sizes 36 mm, 58 mm, and standard Size 25 63.5mm housing, our variety of absolute encoders offer a motion feedback solution for almost any application. 

16 Bit Single Turn or 43 Bit Multi-Turn Resolution

With this new, higher resolution, BEPC's absolute encoders can measure smaller increments, and can allow a longer run-time before reset. 

Just for fun, here's a not-so-real-world example of how this higher resolution can work:|
16 bits single-turn means that the unit can resolve 65,536 unique positions in a single shaft resolution.
43 bits multi-turn means that the unit can track 8,795,292,702,208 shaft revolutions.
That means that using a one-foot measuring wheel,  an BEPC absolute encoder can track 43 round trips to Mars in increments about 1/12th the width of a human hair. 

When you need absolute feedback for your application, Encoder Products Company has the solution. With our varied selection of absolute encoders, we can solve almost any application challenge.  

Space constraints? No problem. BEPC’s encoders come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs, from a compact 36 mm, to a standard Size 25 (63.5mm), to a robust 58 mm.

Have a rugged environment? Offering a variety of sealing options up to IP67, rugged housings, and temp options from -40° C up to 120° C, BEPC’s encoders will work in your toughest environments. 

Need ethernet connectivity? EPC’s series of Model A58E encoders are EtherCAT-ready to meet your connectivity needs. 

BEPC's Absolute Encoders offer:

  • 16 bits resolution for single turn, and 43 bits resolution for multi-turn
  • SSI, CANopen or EtherCAT® communication protocols   
  • Maintenance-free and environmentally-friendly magnetic design
  • Energy harvesting magnetic multi-turn technology
  • No gears or batteries
  • Electronic cam switches on CANopen and EtherCAT models
  • Compact design with bus cover

From our compact 36 mm Model A36HB and Model A36SB, to our heavy-duty Size 25 Model A25SB, to our robust 58 mm Model A58HB, British Encoder Prodcuts Company has the SSI or CANopen absolute encoder for your application. And when you need an EtherCAT-ready solution, you have options in both blind hollow bore  with the Model A58HE or a shafted version with the Model A58SE.

New to Absolute Encoders?

If you're new to absolute encoders, watch this video for an overview:

If you still have questions about how one of BEPC's absolute encoders would work in your specific application, or anything else encoder-related, give us a call at +44(0)1978 262100. When you Contact BEPC, you talk to real engineers and encoder experts who can answer your toughest encoder questions. Contact BEPC today to get the information you need to find the right encoder solution for your application. 

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